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“Three things impressed me as we made the rounds to Jeff’s previous projects. The first was his obvious personal stake and the design excellence evident in each project, the second was the relationship Jeff had with his clients – we often arrived unannounced and were always greeted warmly and welcomed to stay as long as we liked – and the third was that no matter how recent the installation, each one was immaculately maintained. It was clear that the owners used, enjoyed and lovingly maintained their new outdoor spaces. Jeff and his team brought all of these strengths to the new installation. A project in itself, the approximately 100-year-old granite fireplace had deteriorated to a degree it could no longer be safely used. The fireplace was made structurally sound, went from wood burning to gas and then was faced with new stone and given glass doors and a barbeque was also incorporated into the design. I am just dazzled by the outcome of my project and the personal investment of all the designers and contributors to the final result. Everything looks and feels like it has always been here, and can be enjoyed from the inside looking out almost as well as it can be experienced sitting by the fire making s’mores or enjoying a glass of wine under the palms.  I have fresh herbs and can even make lemonade from my own lemon trees. I can’t wait for spring!”

Ingrid Rood